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About Me

I hope this message gives you a sense of what it might be like to work together.


My approach in treatment is holistic, empowering, and collaborative, taking into account my patients' family and social life, their life circumstances and life history, and elements of their physical health. I work with adults only, and I offer medication management, psychotherapy, or both. I work conservatively with medicine when they may be helpful and when they are in line with my patients' preferences. My style in psychotherapy focuses on relationships, past experiences, and in general helping you understand yourself better and to live with more freedom, joy, and resilience. I would be glad to work collaboratively with an individual's existing therapist or medical providers.


I believe that a safe, comfortable environment and a trusting relationship with one's provider are the most important factors in healing and I aim to be reliable, conscientious, and present in every interaction. I believe it takes time and continuity to heal, and accordingly I offer 90 minutes for initial appointments and 45 minutes for follow-ups.


I hope it will always be apparent what a privilege it is to have patients trust me with their care, and I hope you'll reach out for more information if this message resonates.  


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